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Student Support

Support to Campus Life

Student Center

It plays a central role in supporting students.
You can have advice and perform procedures regarding almost everything in campus life such as question about classes, problems in campus life, scholarship, student discount, group activities, and looking for part-time job.
Generally, colleges have a department of classes (such as Instruction Department) and a department of campus life (such as Student Services Department) separately. However, we integrated them into this center by the organization reform and work at the reception desks aiming at supporting campus life.
It offers "one-stop service" that students can do what they have to do at one center, as well as supportive center providing consultation that they are not sure who to talk.

Student Advisor

Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College has various advisory systems to offer students fulfilling campus life.
You may be worried, have questions, or have troubles in campus life. Please do not anguish alone and consult us at ease.

Student Advisory Center

Students Advisory Center opens from Monday to Friday, and staffs who have qualifications such as clinical psychologist provide consultation kindly.
You can have a talk about anything such as problems in campus life, mental health, or things in the future.
Please do not hesitate to consult on things you are not sure whether to talk.
You can also come with your friends or family members. Of course, we maintain confidentiality of the contents of consultation internally and externally, so that you can have consultation at ease.

Foreign Student Advisory Center

Foreign students may have unique troubles and worries in studying away from their home countries.
We have Foreign Student Advisory Center to support them.
Professional staffs give sincere advice to foreign students.
Also, we have "Foreign Student Tutor" system.

Foreign Student Tutors

We have foreign student support center to offer various support to foreign students.
In addition, there are students called Foreign Student Tutor to support their learning and campus life.
Foreign students learn in various differences such as language, lifestyle, and college system.
Foreign Student Tutor supports them and has cross-cultural exchanges.


We have system to assign each student with an advisor.
You can consult advisor on which class to take, which future career to choose, or how to study.
Each advisor takes care of several to ten students, so that he/she can guide them having respect for the individual.

Office Hour

There is no faculty room. Each teacher has an office to prepare for class and do research.
When students have something to talk to teachers, they visit teachers’ office. However, teachers are not always in the office because they have classes, meetings, and researches outside the college.
The best thing about our college is productive communication between students and teachers.
To place a high priority on that, we have Office Hour system.
Office Hour is to set day and time when teachers stay in the office, so students can visit them at any time during the office hour.

Global Human Resource Development Office

Maebashi Kyoai Gakuen College was adopted as "Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development".
This project aims to lend intensive support to colleges promoting education and preparing system designed to develop global human resource.
We put human resource development program in which not only students but local working adults and school children learn together at the center of the project, such as Global Project Work by collaboration between local company, educational community, and alliance university, and establishment of minor of Global Career Training in which students learn in English with working adults.
We will drive globalization of education system further by One-on-One English program, giving 60% of students overseas experience such as studying abroad or internship, and cultivating power of global person based in KYOAI COMMONS for Active Learning.
Also, support to foreign students is one of our tasks. We support your learning and campus life in cooperation with Foreign Student Advisory Center.

IT Support

IT Support

In regard to IT (Information Technology), we offer support by professional staffs as well as "Support to students by students".
Students of "IT Support" stand ready at support desk of computer study hall by rotation and give advice to students in need on coping computer trouble, how to use software, and purchasing PC.

English Academic Peer Tutor

English Academic Peer Tutor

We have foreign language center where professional staffs give advice on English learning and studying abroad.
In addition, Students appointed as English Academic Peer Tutor offer support to learn English.

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Support To Career Choice

Career Choice Support Center, Job Placement Group

Job Placement Group conducts career support programs according to grade.
In the first and second year, we offer "Career planning" class to encourage students to think about future career based on each aptitude and social trend, and to design campus life toward the career.
In the third year, we conduct "Career guidance" to teach concrete know-how of job hunting from scratch and "Internship" to give experience of actual work during summer vacation, which is valuable opportunity to know meaning and joy of work.
In addition, employment opportunities and information related to job placement are available on Job Placement Support Center.
Search and request for documents through internet are available from anywhere on campus using computer.
Making use of small- sized college, we offer individual consultation and information service to support the realization of students' dream.

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Health Management

We organize service and support system for health management in order that students can lead campus life healthfully and productively.

School Clinic and School Physician

Full-time qualified nursing teachers are assigned in school clinic.
They give emergency medical treatment to injuries and illnesses as well as provide consultation for physical and mental trouble.
We create an environment to give appropriate advice by communicating with four school physicians including internal medicine specialist, obstetrician & gynecologist, psychiatrist, and dentist.

Medical Examination

We conduct medical examination according to grade during orientation at the beginning of a new school year.
The data is managed on PC and issued automatically as certification of medical examination, which is needed in job hunting.
You can measure height and weight, blood pressure, and eyesight any time at school clinic. Please use them to promote better health.

Mini Health Guidebook

"Mini Health Guidebook" is distributed to all students when entering college that to be read when they are in trouble.
It includes illness, injury, harassment, worries, alcohol, smoke, and drag. Please fully utilize it and lead better campus life.


AED (automated external defibrillator) s are placed in each building of college for emergencies.
We hold first aid lecture class every year, and teach students how to use AED.

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