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Message from President

Realize your dream
Akio Omori

For whom our university exists?
Our university is an international community where students with different backgrounds are pursuing their dreams.
Students play an important role in our community.

They are not only learners but also one of creators here in our university.
Individual students voluntarily organize a group-project and run school events and activities. For example, IT supporting members, Library Peer Tutors, English Academic and Peer Tutors. Especially, Student volunteers are fully responsible for Student cafe and International House management.
A lot of students join lectures with Active Learning and they participate proactively at class. Also some students participate in studying abroad programs. In our university, Classes are collaborated by students and professors.
Our university is evaluated as a university promoting university reforms. This honor outcome is definitely owing to participation and cooperation of students.

Nowadays, acquiring comprehensive skills such as taking action positively, problem-solving, cooperating with others are essential and demanded in this global society. People can acquire these skills through cooperation with others and task accomplishments. There are so many opportunities, environments, and facilities for all students to challenge their possibilities. All professors and staff members are willing to support and encourage students.

We received great comments from students every year. Almost 90% of the students are satisfied our university. Here are some students’ voices.
“I’m so glad to choose this university.” “I felt my growth for this 4 years”

We believe that students’ satisfaction with their academic achievements and experience make their entire life much more enriched.
Everyone can be a leading character on his/her own stage in this university.

I’m here to stand out.

Why don’t you realize your dream with us?

Kyoai Gakuen University was certified to conform by Japan University Accreditation Association in 2005, and this is the second certification.

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