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A place where students learn proactively and cooperatively.
It provides an environment for Active Learning, which in required for higher education.

Seminar Studio (4111)

The studio where seminars are held. Active Communication Chairs are placed.

Study Area (4114)

The area where students take on tasks independently.
Lights and outlets are placed on the booths.

i-Reading Area (4113)

The area where electronic books, electronic journals, and online contents are available on iPad.
Students also can read.

Creative Studio (4112)

The studio where PC classes are held and students study by themselves.
Equipped with movable desks and chairs, and notebook PCs.

International Area (4115)

Lounge for international exchanges. English Coffee Talk and foreign student advisor are available.
Foreign broadcast is also available at any time.

Group Work Area (4116)

The area where students take on tasks in a group.
As well as movable desks and chairs, and whiteboards, equipped with projectors and WIVIAs which can show multiple PC screens.

ICT Area (4117)

The area for information search and creation of materials. Equipped with Mac.
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Forum where students and faculty members as well as local people can use.
“Open space” where productive communication arises.


You can enjoy lunch time at a large restaurant with 350 seats including cafe and lounge.

Student Cafe

Cafe operated by students
Open:Tue & Wed & Thu 12:30-15:30


Lounge where you feel comfortable by yourself or in a small group.
You can enjoy the meals and coffee.

KYOAI Plaza (4121)

As a center of KYOAI COMMONS, various internal and external events are held as well as used as a restaurant.
Students can use for voluntary activities.
Also classes are held. Basically it is an open space, however, reservations are necessary when holding events.
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Advanced learning place corresponding to Active Learning.

  • Seminar Studio (4211):17 seats
  • 4201 Lecture Room: 48 seats
  • 4202 Lecture Room: 40 seats
  • 4203 Lecture Room: 48 seats
  • 4204・4205 Lecture Room:88 seats
    ※Can be divided into 2 rooms in accordance with the intended use.
  • 4206 Lecture Room: 40 seats
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