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Around the Campus

Maebashi Area

Gunma Prefectural Government Building

Gunma Prefectural Government Building This 32 story skyscraper is the tallest building in Gunma prefecture.
Enjoy the great view of Gunma from observatories which located on the top floor.
Also, there are restaurants on the 31st floor.

Shikishima Park

Shikishima Park This park is famous for roses.
During the blooming season, people enjoy various kinds of roses.
The park also has track field, Gymnasium and swimming pool.

Foglio Komagata

Foglio Komagata Foglio Komagata is the bicycle distance from the campus.
This shopping area has a supermarket, Bookstore, Drug store and 100 yen store.

Garden Maebashi

Garden Maebashi Garden Maebashi is also bicycle distance from the campus.
This shopping mall has various kinds of store such as a supermarket, 100 yen store, clothing stores, craft store, electronics stores and bowling alleys.

Keyaki walk

Keyaki walk A large shopping mall located near Maebashi station.
From the nearest train station (Komagata station) it is only two stations away.
Keyaki walk has various retail stores and large bookstore and the movie theater.

Isesaki Area

Kezoji Park

Isesaki Area Kezoji Park is the amusement park with a roller coaster, 70 meters high Ferris wheel and other rides.
This park is also famous for cherry blossom trees and azaleas.

Smark Isesaki

Smark Isesaki This shopping mall is the largest shopping mall in the Isesaki area with over 180 retail stores and a cinema complex.

Super mall Isesaki

Super mall Isesaki This shopping area has a large supermarket, food court, fitness gym, Cinema complex, hardware store.

Takasaki Area

Takasaki station

Takasaki station There are many shops and stores, department store and restaurants around Takasaki station.
Takasaki station is approximately 30 minutes away from our campus by train.

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