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About Kyoai Gakuen University

Educational Philosophy

We are a historically prominent Education institution based on Christianity in Japan founded in 1888.
Ranging from nursery school through to university, we contribute to the development of education. Our aim is to raise leaders who will be active in our local society. We call them “Glocal Leaders”.
“Glocal” is the combination of the words “global” and “local”.
Implementing small-class education, language learning, international fieldwork, and interaction with local people, we develop a series of curriculums by which students are immersed in a wide range of knowledge and learn highly specialized skills.
Based on the spirit “to love and live together” which Kyoai-Gakuen, the foundation, has passed down for over 125 years, we value “connections among people” We are proud of the trust fostered among people; not only between students and teachers but also people who are related to us.
We dedicate ourselves to supporting every individual who is passionate about something and motivated to achieving his or her goals in order for them to be active in the society.

“That ye love one another, even as I have loved you.”
(The Gospel According to Saint John Chapter 15, Section 12)

There is no records at the time of founding that indicates origin of the name “Kyoai”, however, the name “Kyoai” has been understood as the word based on verse written in the Bible and as principle for over 120 years.
“Kyoai”, that is “Love one another and live together”, is an important message for us living in the present as well as for the people creating the future.

Purpose of Faculty of International Social Studies

The educational purpose of the Faculty of International Social Studies is the cultivation of human resources who have insight and foresight in the shape of international society and have ability to cope with the challenges of regional society associated with internationalization advocating “Glocal” as a key word.
The international society we are referring to here means overall world and human living place that have been increasingly formed and expanded beyond national boundaries.

We advocate following six items as qualities which human resources performing in internationalized regional society should have.
-Insight into a connection between global and regional socioeconomic
-Perspective on regional social issues
-Analytic and practical skills of socioeconomic
-Insight into global and regional community culture
-Adequate foreign language proficiency
-Ability to identify and solve problems by research and investigation

Our graduates who have acquired these qualities are expected to involve in creating regional community and forming regional culture corresponding to internationalization and informatization with standing on regional lifestyle.
At the same time, they are also expected to grow as human resources who work actively beyond the boundaries of local area and in international society by seeing the connection between regional society, the whole of Japan, and international society by looking at regional life.

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