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3 Policy

Admission Policy

Since establishment in 1888, Kyoai Gakuen has placed importance on having “Kyoai Spirit (love for each other)” in educational policy. Our philosophy emphasizes “coexistence” in this present era. Our International Social Studies Department aims at developing future members of an increasingly international society who can operate insightfully. We envision an enrollment of those individuals who have the following perspectives and skills;

  • 1. Those who have a love for oneself and others with a spirit of coexistence
  • 2. Those who have an international outlook while valuing local community
  • 3. Those who are willing to learn actively and cooperatively with others
  • 4. Those who have basic academic competence for university level communication skills, thinking skills, essay writing skills and task-identification skills
  • 5. Those who actively engage in sports, art and social activities
  • 6. Those who understand our educational philosophy and policies and have strong motivation

Curriculum Policy

Our policy reflects the philosophy “Kyoai Spirits” and states the following five goals in order to develop future members of an increasingly international society who can operate insightfully both on the local and global stage.

  • 1. An all-round education based on Christianity
  • 2. Developing future members of international society
  • 3. Developing an inquisitive mind and attitude
  • 4. Advancing knowledge
  • 5. Providing opportunities to engage with members of the local community

Within the International Social Studies Department, there are five separate courses/majors from which to choose. Each course/major has its own required classes to complete for graduation. Furthermore, our curriculum includes a number of required classes known as “Kyoai Core Curriculum” as well as “Pre-thesis research seminar” and “Graduation research seminar. In order to broaden their knowledge, students are free to fulfill elective credits from classes in other courses.

Diploma Policy

Those who accrued the required 124 credits for graduation within the mandatory attendance period. These 124 credits are derived from classes from “Kyoai Core”, foreign language, major requirements, seminars and electives. Once all requirements are met, students will be presented with a degree in International Social Studies which represents their achievement of the following skills.

  • 1. Ability to initiate tasks in the local community
  • 2. Insight at both international and local level
  • 3. Task identification and analytical skills and practical skills
  • 4. Communicative and language skills

Each course within the International Social Studies Department has set its own goals.

  • English Course: To be able to work an international setting and utilize English skills and knowledge.
  • International Studies Course: To develop “travel skills”, “question skills”, “intercultural competence” and ability to move fluidly between cultures, and to work in multicultural companies, educational fields and the local community.
  • Information Technology, Business Management Course: To acquire specialist knowledge, leadership and social skills while at the same time developing wide perspectives.
  • Phycology, Humanity and Culture Course: To acquire communication skills by deepening the understanding of human behavior through phycology and to discovery their life journey.
  • Childhood Education Course: To train future elementary and junior high school teachers who approach issues with both international and local perspectives. A secondary goal is to develop high competence in English.
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